Official expansions

The first 'expansion' consisted of 5 cards, handed out at GenCon 2002.
You received these after answering some questions. The cards are virtually unfindable now

Afterwards, 4 official expansions were released by Wizards of the Coast, as part of the Frontline program.
Game shops could organize in-store tournaments where players could win these expansions. The Frontline program is discontinued for a few years now and the expansions are officially not for sale. If you still want to play them, you can always check on ebay, or make them yourself.

Major promo cards

Jason Taylor - the Risk 2210 A.D. (and Major promo cards) art director.

An intern at AH. He did not like the name Flowers, so it was "Germanized".

Craig Van Ness - 1 of the original game designers.

Mike Gray (designer of Shogun and many other MB games) was the boss of AH. Luckily he saw the fun in being a "Major Pain".

Rob Daviau - the other Risk 2210 A.D. designer.

Mars 2210 A.D.

The first expansion was the usage of an alternate game board. Here a view of the expansion called Mars. It consists of a new map (including new territory cards) and a new double moon.

Obviously, there are also new territory cards. We find several philosophers on the moons and SF writers on the water territories. Also a funny link to the Magic past of Wizards of the Coast (the mother company) can be found on some territories. This expansion opens up the game a lot, due to use of neutral territories.

Tech commander

The second expansion adds an extra commander to the game: the Tech Commander. The new commander also receives his own deck of Tech command cards.

This is an interesting expansion. The game sometimes gets an unexpected twist due to the use of the Tech command cards.

There are no Tech Commander figures included, just carton cutouts. You can always use different figures as Tech Commander, or create a Tech Commander using a 3D printer. (see links & downloads for the model used by Belgium2210).


The third expansion are the so-called Factions. This expansion adds more variation to the game by choosing (or receiving) a certain faction at the start of the game. Each faction has its advantage and disadvantage. The Tech Commander (expansion 2) is also needed, but can be replaced by the Diplomat Commander if needed. The expansion consists of placemats, showing the special properties of each faction.

Some Risk 2210 fans created extra factions. You can find these on .

Invasion of the Giant Amoebas

The fourth expansion consists of 30 Amoeba event cards, 3 extra Diplomat command cards and tokens to represent the Giant Amoebas.

This is a funny expansion that really twists the game around.


This FAQ is composed from official Avalon-Hill FAQ, RISK 2210 A.D. newsgroups and answers from Rob Daviau, Craig Van Ness and Wizards of the Coast on some mails from Belgium 2210.

In any situations where the rules are unclear or ambiguous, it is recommended discussing it with your group and deciding among yourselves how to best interpret the situation to ensure that you can continue playing and having fun.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Tech Commander
Yes, you can Mind Control a Frequenty Jam.
It lasts the whole game.
The full cost for the Mind Control is payed, which will be equal to the non-discounted rate for the command card that the opponent just tried to play. Mind Controls will only be reduced in cost if their owner also controls the Superconductivity.
It applies to only one territory in their turn, and it has to be the first one they attack with. It is then only good for that army for as long as it is attacking from this first territory to the one that they began attacking initially. It then does nothing once this battle is over.
You are correct that you have to pay the price, even if your opponent did not (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Factions
It can prevent the use of any card, even one used has part of an ability (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).
Wartime Inflation would alter the cost of the Mind Control: you have to pay the cost of their card, plus the higher cost because you are playing a card (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).
The Humanitarians Faction get their card still for free. They are not required to pay '0 energy' for it in the wording, so they still get it just the same for free since their is no actual cost associated with it (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Invasion of giant amoebas
If your opponent chooses to defend against the Giant Amoebas, then you (as the player to the left of the player being attacked) would roll the eight sided dice for the Amoebas.
No, they do not. They will defend if they are attacked, but they do not invade out of spaces they control.
No, you cannot. They are immune to nuclear weapons and they appear unexepectedly so cards such as Stealth MODS cannot be used to defend their invasion.
No, Colony Influence is not considered to be played on turn 5, but after. As such, you do not have to pay for them (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).
The amoebas always defend to the best of their ability, and with as many of them as you are able to fight with. You have to roll as many dice as you can for their defense (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).
The humanitarians get their card still for free. They are not required to pay '0 energy' for it in the wording, so they still get it just the same for free since their is no actual cost associated with it (This is an official WOTC FAQ answer).