Strategy and dice


Strategy is really important in RISK 2210 A.D.. Even more than in standard risk where it usually ends up in a dice slaughterfest.
Our group of players has used different strategies during the years, but we each have our favorite ones
A small selection of 'our' most used strategies:

Wavex (Glenn)
"Start with MOD’s on all land territories, connected to water territories. In the first turn hire a water Commander and buy with the rest of the energy water cards. If you acquire one or more 'hidden energy' cards, it looks rather good regarding energy for the next rounds...
DISADVANTAGE: If someone else goes to the water-territories before you, then this strategy can fail miserably..."

Grendel (Ralph)
"Put as much MODs in Australia as you can, to conquer this continent as soon as possible and put more MODs on your space station.
In the first turn hire a Space Commander and buy space cards.
Start with conquering 1 continent on the moon, and don’t forget to protect your landing zone with extra MODs.
Every turn occupy another continent on the moon and go wild in the last round.
ADVANTAGE: The moon is ignored a lot of times and Australia is very defendable.
DISADVANTAGE: If someone goes nuclear, the moon is a ideal nuke-target."

Outsider (Kenneth)
"Try to go last in the first round and take what no one else has taken."

Amnesia (Marino)
"Get as much energy as you can in the first 4 rounds, collect cards and keep the amount of MOD’s high.
The important strategy is then to go last in the last round and simply win the game.
DISADVANTAGE: If you don’t have 'Frequency Jam' cards, people can stop you cold with e.g. a 'Cease Fire' card."


An important difference between Risk 2210 A.D. and Standard Risk are the dice.
In Risk 2210 A.D. you can use 8-sided dice. The use of these 8-sided dice depends on attack or defense.

8-sided dice when attacking:

1 or more 8-sided dice can be used when attacking with commanders, depending on the territory invaded from/to. Following table demonstrates this:

Commander 8-sided die when invading
Nuclear Always
Land When invading from or to a land territory
Water When invading from or to a water territory
Space When invading from or to a lunar territory
Diplomat Never
Tech Never
e.g. When invading a water territory from a land territory, 3 8-sided dice can be used, if Nuclear, Land and Naval commanders are used.

8-sided dice when defending:

  • If the defending territory contains a space station, all MODs can defend using 8-sided dice.
  • For each Commander an 8-sided can be used to defend instead of a 6-sided die.

Remark: When defending, maximum 2 dice can be used.

It's not always easy to assess probabilities to win when invading or defending.
Check nice overview from 'Mikkel Askjaer-Friis' (used with permission):