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Belgium2210 is a group of game enthusiasts, with a big preference for Risk 2210 A.D.

Years ago, this site was created as overview for players and to organize tournaments. One of the highlights was the European championship RISK 2210 A.D. in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
In 2006 we decided to stop the online activities of Belgium2210.

Since a while the 'Risk 2210 A.D. virus' started to act up again with Ralph, and we decided to revive the website with a new look.
Here you can find our comprehensive FAQ, explanations about expansions and links to other enthusiasts.

Have Fun !

What is Risk 2210 A.D.?

Risk 2210 A.D. is an Avalon Hill Games boardgame for 2 to 5 players. It's a variant for 'classic' Risk, like the Lord of the Rings version. Recommended age is 10+.

The designers are Rob Daviau (who also designed Axis and Allies: Pacific, Buffy TVS:The Game and a few Star Wars Games (like The Queen's Gambit)) and Craig Van Ness (who designed a.o. Stratego: Legends, Buffy and Roller Coaster tycoon).

Geographically, the map is almost the same as in classic Risk. There are still 42 territories, with (partially) different names however. E.g. Southern Europe is now Imperial Balkania.
Also, some connections were removed. But still recognizable if you're used to Classic Risk.
At the left you can see Egypt only has a connection to the Middle East.

New however are the water territories (13 in total). These are divided in colonies (like continents on land).
You can also get bonuses here.

Moon exploration is also possible.
Just place a space station, hire a Space Commander and go where (almost) no man has gone before.

It's important to understand these territories can be alternative ways to reach other territories.
Each game is different. This due to the so-called Devastation Markers.
These are placed randomly on the board and represent impassable nuclear wastelands.

A big change are the Commanders (Land, Naval, Space, Nuclear and Diplomat). These have special functions.
Primary they're better soldiers, because you can use 8-sided dice instead of 6-sided (depending on the Commander).
The Space and Naval Commander also allow movement to and from water and lunar territories.

More important however, you can buy command cards using these Commanders.
These cards have a big effect on the game. The cards are grouped by theme (e.g. nuclear cards have a more destructive effect). Deciding which cards to buy is crucial for the end result (certainly since you can only buy 4 per turn).

Energy also has a very big strategic importance.
You use it to buy (and play) command cards, to buy space stations, to hire commanders. and to bid for turn order in a round.
If you spend to much energy bidding, you might not be able to buy or play cards...

The last crucial change is the 5 round limit in RISK 2210 A.D. 5 rounds to attack and conquer. The player with most territories (and bonussses) at the end wins the game...

English FAQ

This FAQ is composed from official Avalon-Hill FAQ, RISK 2210 A.D. newsgroups and answers from Rob Daviau, Craig Van Ness and Wizards of the Coast on some mails from Belgium 2210.

In any situations where the rules are unclear or ambiguous, it is recommended discussing it with your group and deciding among yourselves how to best interpret the situation to ensure that you can continue playing and having fun.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: General
Contact Hasbro (phone numbers can be found at the end of the rulebook). You could also visit any game shop.
Sometimes incomplete games are offered on games-newsgroups and sales-sites as replacement parts.
When playing classic Risk, the yellow squares show how many units the next set of cards will be worth.
Normally there is a note in the box with an explanation. In short: Make your own command cards and use them with the original cards.
You can use deck protectors for your cards. You can buy these in every game shop and they protect your cards. The difference between original and custom made cards is almost invisible then.
No. The chain may not be broken. When all territories are spoken for, the next player begins placing 3 MODs.
Iceland GRC = Iceland Genetic Research Center.
Normally the whole story was to be published with the rules, but it had to make place for the rules of classic Risk. The story will surface somewhere.
Hint: The story is about 3 persons who wanted to end ALL wars. Read this interview with
Rob Daviau for more info.
Djibouti is an old French colony. It's pronounced as: JI-BOET-IE.
Contrary to what some forums state, you don't have to hire all the commanders before you can buy space stations.
The amount of energy, the number of cards of a certain type is visible for everyone (obviously not the specific cards). Every player may also ask a recount of the territories to get an accurate score.
In the original game, cards are never shuffled or reused. Once a card is drawn it's out of the game. This includes territory cards.
No, space stations can only be used on land territories.
Each player will place their two commanders and their space station at the same time, in standard set up order. You don't play one commander, then the next player places a commander, so on and so forth... All three units are placed at the same time.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Energy
Yes, all energy not spent can be used the next round.
No. Energy income is determined solely by how many territories you control.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Attack & Defense
You can ALWAYS sacrifice MODs for commanders.
Using 8-sided dice only means you have to move the commander, when winning.
Using 8-sided dice poses no risk for the commander (unless you have no more MODs to protect him).
No. A space station can never be moved.
No. A space station isn't a unit. It can only be destroyed when a player who already controls four space stations captures another one.
There's also a specific lunar command card (Major Destruction - a Risk 2210AD expansion) that allows the destruction of space stations.
When attacking from land to water or water to land with the Land Commander, Naval Commander, and Nuclear Commander, and when attacking from land to the moon or the moon to land with the Land Commander, Space Commander, and Nuclear Commander. All three commanders must advance if the territory is captured.
There's also a specific nuclear command card (Major Pain - a Risk 2210AD expansion) that allows attacking with 8-sided dice from one territory.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Cards
No, used cards are removed from the game. When using the Factions expansion, the Silicon Knights faction to recycle discarded command cards.
Every card not played, can be kept for later rounds.
Yes, and other defending cards too (as long as you have the energy).
Yes, every time the attacking player rolls the dice, a new invasion occurs and more cards can be played. So Stealth MODs can be played every time the dice are rolled.
However, if a Frequency Jam is played against the defender, that player cannot play command cards that turn.
Units can evacuate from the attacked territory to any territory that you control. The two territories don't need to be conneted.
You can remove any MODs you feel like losing, even if that leaves a territory empty. You would lose control of an empty territory, however, unless it also contains a space station.
Yes, you play play any Colony Influence card for any commander you still have in play.
Yes. Just beware of the difference between MODs and units (Commanders are also units).
All units are removed from the territory. As Evacuation is played during an attack, the attacker can take the territory without any problem.
A space station is not a unit and remains.
Because Hidden Energy does not specify that the Water Territory is to remain secret, it sounds like it should be visible to all players (This is an official WOTC Support answer).
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Territories
Yes, this is still part of the attack phase (and an important part of the game).
This way, the game starts as classic Risk easily changes. This makes bidding in the first round so interesting. The initial placement of your MODs is also important to capture the water territories.
The connection between Canada and Exiled States of America was removed to make N-America easier to defend without making too many changes to classic Risk. The connection between Djibouti and Middle East is also removed, but the reason eludes me - Answer from Rob Daviau.
When it contains at least one unit (MOD or Commander) and /or space station.
You can place units in territories you have already conquered (including moon and water territories), even if you don't have the corresponding commander. You can't initiate an invasion from or to any water or moon territories however. The land Commander is an exception: you can initiate an invasion from or to land territories without a Land commander.
1. Try very hard to control the territory at the beginning of the game (during the initial placing of MODs).
2. Invade Earth is a (small) possibility.
3. The Tech Commander expansion contains a command card to move through devastation markers: CBN Protection.
4. The Invasion of the Giant Amoebas expansion contains a command card to remove devastation markers: Terraforming.
5. There's also a specific land command card (Major Flˆwerz - a Risk 2210AD expansion) that allows removing a devastation marker.
Yes, space stations remain. The territory is still controlled by the player. You could own South-America with only 4 space stations and no units. The first player invading the territory gets the space station. So, as long as it is void of units, the territory is controlled by the original player.

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