Homemade expansions

"Every Risk 2210 A.D. expansion from Belgium 2210 is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy .
The expansions are not approved/endorsed by Wizards and portions of the materials used are property of ©Wizards of the Coast LLC."

Mayhem 2210 A.D.

"A state of rowdy disorder."

Mayhem 2210 A.D. is a non-official expansion for Risk 2210 A.D.
Already for a long time we had the idea to add our own command cards to Risk 2210 A.D. However, we did not want to change game dynamics by adding more commanders, or changing existing command decks.
The ideal solution was an event deck.
This 35 card deck brings you the madness, inherent to war. These event cards are played before the deployment phase and have a positive or negative effect on the game.
Due to the surprise this expansion can bring into the game, any possible plans or strategies players might have, are useless :).

Mayhem 2210 A.D. - Emergency orders

"Break the glass in case of an emergency."

Emergency orders is a mini-expansion for our Mayhem 2210 A.D. expansion.
6 extra Mayhem cards (1 for each commander) are added to the Mayhem deck, and allow you to play a single command card, when the commander is no longer in play (e.g. after an Assassin Bomb was played).

Mayhem 2210 A.D. - Territories

"It's a small world after all."

Mayhem 2210 A.D. - Territories is a mini-expansion for our Mayhem 2210 A.D. expansion.
The expansion is inspired by Geoff Burbidges Commanders 2.0 and consists of 4 extra Mayhem cards, 3 add-on boards (2 extra water territories and 1 extra land territory) and a token for a lunar base.

Mayhem 2210 A.D. - Antarctica

"Antarctica is otherworldly, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Stark, cold, beautiful desolation." ― Mark Hoppus

The Antarctica expansion is not created by Belgium 2210, but by Geoff Burbidge and Insurgency Gaming. We only adapted it to tie in with our Mayhem 2210 A.D. expansion, and provide it (using the original artwork of Geoff Burbidge ) with approval of both Geoff Burbidge and Insurgency Gaming.

The Antarctica expansion introduces a new continent to the game. The new board acts as a link between a number of previously unconnected territories. Also, by adding the effects of global warming into the mix a rather unstable new element has been weaved into game play.

The expansion consists of 1 extra Mayhem card and 1 add-on board (Antarctica continent).

Note: If you already have the Antarctica expansion from Insurgency Gaming, you don't need this one.

Mayhem 2210 A.D. - O.R.C. Skyfall

"The space station here is a magical place and an incredible science facility." ― Scott Kelly

Credits: The orbital station is based on artwork from Jon-Michael-May and is used with approval of the artist.

O.R.C. - Skyfall is a mini-expansion for our Mayhem 2210 A.D. expansion and introduces an unstable orbital station to the game.

Expanding E-Conquerors

"No one knows where these machines came from or what their purpose is. Are they remainders from an older war? Alien robots? Experiments from a Rogue Nation?"

Credits: The cube on the cards is part of the digital artwork 'Invasion of the Cubeships (variation 1)' by Julian Faylona and is used with approval of the artist.

Expanding E-Conquerors is an expansion for Risk 2210 A.D. adding a neutral party to the game.

Each turn, before the Collect and Deploy MODs and Energy phase, the first player takes the top card from the e-Conquerors scenario deck and reads this out for everyone.
Each player then has to run the scenario during his turn, unless stated otherwise.


Here you can download all expansion to make them yourself.
Belgium 2210 uses The Game Crafter to professionally print expansions.

Instead of using the territory cards from the 'Mayhem 2210 A.D. - Antarctica' en 'Mayhem 2210 A.D. - Territories' expansions, you can print following stickers and put them on existing (duplicate) territory cards.